Careers at Man AHL

Our people, our culture and our environment make Man AHL the place it is.

We believe that the diversity of expertise within the firm fosters a compelling ‘group challenge’ ethic rather than a ‘group think’ attitude. With over 20 first languages spoken across the firm, one of the ways we foster our ‘group challenge’ ethic is to ensure that we have a wide variety of perspectives within the team. We hope that by providing our people with a high level of freedom we can empower and encourage them to reach their full potential.

We are always looking for people who bring a scientific, empirical mind set to investing; those who are practical scientists with a passion for producing something of financial value.


Life at Man AHL

At Man AHL, we are committed to developing a great culture, and offer a range of events and activities that encourage our people to cultivate their interests both within and outside of the workplace.

Meet Our People

Many members of our team have experience in technology, mathematics, economics and science. However, these are not pre-requisites for building a fulfilling career at Man AHL. We have employees with backgrounds ranging from business to psychology, philosophy and literature as well as interests spanning martial arts, astrophysics, photography and graphic design.


Junior Quantitative Developer, Msc in Astrophysics, Harvard-Smithsonian centre for Astrophysics, Asteroid: 5241 Beeson

“My interest in astrophysics began when I attended a ‘Space Camp’ at the age of 15. I went on to study the subject at university and took part in a scholarship exchange program at Harvard, where I had the opportunity to present at the 221st American Astrophysical Society. The discipline is more relevant to my work at Man AHL than people think. In both the astrophysics and financial worlds, coding can be used to apply automated statistical techniques to vast datasets, to produce conclusions that the human brain would struggle to compute."


Quantitative Analyst, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, All Souls College, University of Oxford, PhD University of Paris 7, Part III Cambridge

“During university, I worked as an intern at Pixar, where I was part of a team developing monster animations involving plastic fluids and gels. You could definitely say that this work had similarities to my current role at Man AHL, where I use maths and computer science to model. Fundamentally, it’s the same type of problem, just with a different underlying object.”


Quantitative Developer, Doctorate in Engineering, RWTH Aachen University

"I have been practicing the Japanese martial art of Kendo since 1998 and have won first place in the 2016 and 2015 Bowden Cup (teams) and 2014 British Open (individuals). The fundamental skill behind the sport is being able to project future outcomes, selecting the most likely option based on this analysis. In a sense the sport has many parallels to my work at Man AHL, where I use similar practices to model risk scenarios. The analogy is not perfect; bamboo swords are obviously not part of my day job."


Head of Alternative Markets, PhD in Mathematics, Politecnico di Milano, Recipient of Financial News “40 under 40” award

"I started rock climbing in 2009. There are three elements of the sport which hold particular appeal for me. The first is how the hard graft of the climb is rewarded with the ability to experience nature in a completely different way. Second, you are completely dependent on your team members to keep you safe, so it’s an incredible way to develop trust. Finally, climbing allows me to completely relax, as it demands so much concentration that I am unable to focus on anything else but the challenge in front of me."

Beyond Man AHL: Man Group graduate Analyst programme

Man Group’s graduate Analyst Programme is a unique opportunity to gain experience within a leading global active management business.

Successful candidates will rotate through 3-4 placements within Investment Management, Corporate Development and Sales over a two year period, including Man AHL.

Following a two day business induction, trainees start working immediately, so are very hands on from their first week. Man Group offers a mixture of formal and on-the-job training opportunities, and every trainee is assigned a mentor from the Executive Committee. Trainees will gain a thorough understanding of the business and, having completed the programme, will be well placed to develop a long term career at Man Group.

Applications for the graduate programme open in September. Please check the Man Group's Careers website for updates and further details.


"I was struck by the open culture of the firm: no boundaries, no hierarchy, no nonsense."

Man Group Graduate 2014-2016

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