About The Man AHL Coder Prize

Congratulations to everyone that submitted a HiveMinder algorithm – we are no longer accepting submissions. The winners of the competition have now been announced!

This year the competition was targeted exclusively at students aged 16-25, and we were delighted to include participants from the EU* and Switzerland. On the 10th February 2017 the top 7 entrants were invited to attend the finalist’s ‘Code Off’ at the Man AHL office in the City of London.

Congratulations to:

  • 1st Place £5,000: Matthew Ridley from the University of Oxford
  • 2nd Place £2,000: Junjin Chen from the University of Sheffield
  • 3rd Place £1,000: Eddie Rolls from the University of Oxford

Further congratulations to Ethan Wood from Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Boys for winning the £1,000 prize for the top performing under 18 year old.

* Excluding Italy: Unfortunately, due to specific legal restrictions regarding competitions run in Italy, the Man AHL Coder Prize cannot accept entries from contestants resident in Italy.

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Finals day in motion and pictures


Play HiveMinder

Download the code bundle

The code bundle can be downloaded: HERE

We recommend you use PythonAnywhere as your IDE, but this isn't compulsory. The code bundle contains everything necessary to run the web app, and includes a section for you to write your algorithm.

Check out our tutorial videos for a step-by-step guide to getting started.

Play HiveMinder

Tutorial Videos

For a step-by-step guide, from downloading the code right through to debugging, watch these tutorial videos. If you already have some coding experience and want to get stuck in straight away, take a look at our quick-start instructions.​




Quick-start instructions

Watch our tutorial videos for a step-by-step guide to getting started right through to debugging. For a briefer overview follow the instructions below: ​


  • IDE
    We recommend using PythonAnywhere as your development environment, but this isn’t compulsory. Create a free PythonAnywhere account here.
  • Bash
    Log in to your account and navigate to ‘Consoles’ > ‘Start a new console’ > ‘Bash’ to start a new Bash terminal.
  • Code Bundle
    Download and unzip the code bundle with the commands:
    wget http://www.ahl.com/sites/public/mangroup/hiveminder.zip;
    unzip hiveminder.zip
  • Web App
    Under the ‘Web’ tab, click ‘add new web app’ > ‘next’. Choose the Flask framework and Python 3.4. Change the ‘mysite’ section of the path to ‘hiveminder’ and click ‘next’. Return to your Bash terminal, navigate to the hiveminder directory by typing cd hiveminder, and copy the file uwsgi.py over the file flask_app.py by typing cp uwsgi.py flask_app.py. Reload the web app tab.
  • Run the Game
    To run the game in your browser, from your bash terminal run: python game.py In some environments, from pycharm for example, running python game.py isn't sufficient. The browser hangs or doesn't refresh enough to display properly. In this case you can run inside gunicorn on the command line with: pip install gunicorn gunicorn -b uwsgi:app hiveminder/game.py
  • Write your Algorithm
    Every file in the hiveminder/algos directory represents a computerised player. Move to the algos folder by typing cd algos, then make a copy of one of the example algorithms and give it a new file name by typing: cp template_algo.py my_algo.py. Return to your PythonAnywhere account screen, click on the Files tab, and navigate through to hiveminder/algos. Clicking on the my_algo.py link will open this file in a text editor. Change the name and description to something new, and you can begin writing your own implementation underneath the docstring.
  • Simulate the competition
    If you have more than one algorithm, you will want to ensure your best algorithm is counted in the competition by submitting it last. Only the final entry from each participant will be considered. You can also check that you are beating our example algorithms. Running the script simulate.py by typing python3 simulate.py while in the hiveminder directory will take all of the stored algorithmic players and compete them against each other.

How to learn Python

Learn Python

  • We have created some coding exercises, which should provide a good introduction. They are available from our GitHub page.
  • Why not try out the Python 3.4 tutorials?
  • Online resources such as codecademy offer tutorials and introductory projects of varying complexity. Why not spend 30 minutes building a model Solar System for yourself?

About Man AHL


At Man AHL, Technology drives everything we do.

  • We mix mathematics, computer science, and terabytes of data with the aim to understand and forecast financial markets
  • We are technology-led, building models and writing programs that invest billions of dollars every day
  • We are excited about clean code, good automated tests, code reviews, cutting-edge tech (Python, MongoDB, Kafka, pandas, Docker, OpenStack, git), and open source software (e.g. see our tickstore)


Working at Man AHL

  • We are a dynamic group of highly qualified specialists with a diverse range of professional backgrounds, including mathematics, science, engineering and finance
  • We foster unconventional and unconstrained thinking through a collaborative, fun learning environment
  • We are a small flat-structured company with a no-attitude feel


Bet you didn't know

  • Our technologists have varied backgrounds including disciplines you might expect such as computer science, mathematics and engineering, and those you might not, such as philosophy and classics
  • 80% of AHL employees code in Python
  • Our high-frequency tick data can reach > 1 billion messages/day
  • We are winners of a 2015 MongoDB Innovation Award* for our fast tick store
  • We’re keen open source contributors, with AHL code running in PyDev, NumPy, Pandas, MDF, MockExtra and Arctic
  • We have a team away-day each year where we sail yachts, ride RIBs, fly drones and generally have fun

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* Awards and/or ratings are for information purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement of any Man Group company nor of their products or services. Please refer to the websites of the sponsors/issuers for information regarding the criteria on which the awards/ratings are determined.




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