We believe that the best way to extract value from leading minds is to encourage a thoughtful exchange of ideas in an open environment.



We believe that the best way to extract value from leading minds is to encourage a thoughtful exchange of ideas in an open environment.


We bring a scientific, empirical mind-set to investing. We act on evidence and strive to model and understand all aspects of the investment universe.


We do not give up just because something is hard or does not bear fruit quickly. We persevere, adapt and evolve our approaches, constantly looking to optimise our strategies.


We are passionate about our strategies and how they can provide significant value to our clients over the long-term.


We are not purely academic. We aim to produce compelling returns in real world markets for our investors.

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We are a dynamic group of highly qualified specialists with a diverse range of professional backgrounds, including mathematics, science, engineering and finance.

Our level of expertise and diversity fosters a compelling ‘group challenge’ ethic rather than a ‘group think’ attitude, thus ensuring that every element of our investment approach is fully contested, considered and debated from a multiplicity of perspectives.​

We empower and encourage our people to actively search for alpha opportunities wherever and whenever markets are traded. Our research is unconstrained by trading style or dogma and we are continually looking to add value by seeking new markets to trade while evolving our methods and models.


Sponsorship And Charity

Man Charitable Trust


The Man Charitable Trust is a philanthropic trust funded by donations from Man which focuses its grant giving on literacy, numeracy and programmes that support disadvantaged people to engage with education and build the necessary life skills to improve life chances and employment prospects. A key part of Man AHL’s culture is to encourage philanthropic activities across the team and the Trust provides access to charitable activities such as Give As You Earn (GAYE), Sponsorship Matching and Employee Community Volunteering.




We are proud to sponsor the UK team at the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad, an annual international mathematics competition. The team is selected by the UK Mathematics Trust, a charity established in 1996 to advance the education of young people in mathematics. Our congratulations go to the UK team, which came 3rd out of 52 competing teams in the 2018 competition.


We are also delighted to sponsor the London PyData group, a gathering of users and developers of data analysis tools in Python. We hosted our first PyData Meetup at our London office in April where one of our own developers Slavi Marinov presented on “NLP and Creating text-based predictive models”.


We at Man AHL are very proud that the Man Charitable Trust supports the NSPCC’s Number Day, the largest nationwide numeracy event for children and young people in the UK. Number day provides teachers with a wide range of fun, curriculum-focused activities which have been designed to promote enthusiastic attitudes towards numeracy, while encouraging schools to raise funds for the NSPCC.

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